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Welcome to the CCEP

Our vision is that every child and young person in Coventry has the opportunity to experience cultural learning activities that enable them to flourish, thrive and be optimistic about their futures. Our Mission is to create more opportunities for Coventry’s learning and cultural sectors to work together, improve the quality of activity and extend the reach and impact of cultural learning for all children and young people.

The CCEP 3 Year Strategy was presented at the CCEP Conference at Coventry Transport Museum in July 2022. Download the relevant slides. The strategy focusses on 'Green Futures' and commits the CCEP to activity designed to: 

  • Make children’s lives better
  • Support well-being
  • Create opportunities for growth in attainment and transferable skills for the future
  • Work through partnership to remove barriers to access and participation

Partnership in action.

We are an active partnership of teachers, artists, practitioners and cultural organisations that works to:

  • Provide opportunities for the learning and cultural sectors to collaborate.
  • Give advice and support to organisations about how to creatively engage with culture in education and learning settings.
  • Offer quality CPD opportunities for teachers, artists, and other cultural workers 
  • Create space for formal and informal conversations about cultural education
  • Co-ordinate a network of ‘Cultural Champions’ in education settings across Coventry
  • Regularly share information via dedicated social media and newsletters

Coventry was UK City of Culture in 2021 / 22 and the CCEP is working to ensure that all children and young people in our city benefit from the opportunities that this year brought.

The Coventry CEP is part of the national Local Cultural Education Partnerships network.